Surrey Heath Borough Council – Driving Improvements in Camberley town centre and tackling noise pollution

Surrey Heath Council News Feed - Fri, 02/03/2023 - 11:42
Date: Friday, 3 February, 2023

Camberley has a thriving town centre with lots of new developments testament to its appeal. These include the construction of a new building on The High Street. 

The Council received complaints from neighbouring residents that works on this building site were taking place late at night and at weekends meaning they had no respite from the construction noise. 

Following these complaints and evidence submitted via photos and videos during October and November 2022 our Environmental Health team have served a Control of Pollution Act 1974 S60 Notice on the construction company, as informal requests to restrict the hours of work were not complied with. This Notice restricts the hours of construction work audible at the site boundary to between 08.00 - 18.00 weekdays, 08.00-13.00 on Saturdays and at no time on Sundays/Bank Holidays.  Two separate Notices were served, one on each of the two named Company Directors, and a copy was attached to the perimeter boarding at the site. 

Contravention of the restrictions would be an offence under the above Act and liable to a summary conviction fine, together with a further fine not exceeding £50 for each day the offence continues after conviction. They have 21 days to appeal.  

Cllr Colin Dougan, Portfolio Holder for Environment and Health, SHBC said;   

“Unwanted noise can cause a considerable amount of distress for those experiencing it, including tiredness from lack of sleep and stress.   

We require construction sites within the borough to be mindful of their location and nearby residents and ensure that their building activities do not cause unwanted noise and disruption late at night and weekends.   

If you are experiencing unwanted noise please report it to the Council so we can follow up and issue a formal notice if necessary.” 

What to do if you are experiencing unwanted noise 

Surrey Heath Borough Council’s Environmental Pollution Team receive around 300 complaints every year relating to noise. The most common noise complaints relate to, the playing of loud music/TV, antisocial behaviour, barking dogs, intruder alarms and DIY. 

If you are experiencing unwanted noise you can find out how to manage the situation and report it to us on our website - 

SHBC Driving Improvement across the borough    

SHBC’s 'Driving Improvement' campaign focuses on improving key aspects of life in Surrey Heath. The Council is engaging with local people and working with partners to tackle anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping across the Borough, and working to protect and enhance the environment, making Surrey Heath an even better place to live.      



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Statement following overflowing bins in Camberley

Surrey Heath Council News Feed - Tue, 01/31/2023 - 18:42
Date: Tuesday, 31 January, 2023

Following reports that street bins in Camberley town centre were not emptied at the weekend; we've been asked to share this short statement by Amey, who are the contractors responsible for emptying the bins and street cleaning of the town centre. 

“We would like to apologise to the residents of Camberley for not emptying litter bins in the town centre last weekend. One of our operatives was unable to attend work and as a result the litter bins were unintentionally missed. As soon as we were made aware, we arranged for this to be rectified immediately. We are reviewing our processes to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

Surrey Heath Borough Council is aware that this is not the first time there has been an issue with bins being emptied in the town centre and together with Amey and our partners Joint Waste Solutions are reviewing all processes avoid a repeat of these issues. 

Councillor Colin Dougan, Portfolio Holder for Environment "Firstly I’d like to apologise to residents and businesses for the overflowing bins last weekend. We are working with our partners and are holding contractors to account for the services they deliver. We will continue to rigorously monitor Amey to ensure they fulfil their contractual obligations and take appropriate action where they fail to do so. What was good to see at the weekend was that as a result of residents reporting overflowing bins staff working in other locations prioritised our town centre and bins were emptied late afternoon on Sunday. I'm grateful to all those staff who worked outside their normal hours to resolve the situation."

You can report an overflowing street bin on the Joint Waste Solutions website (external link).

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Surrey Heath Borough Council – Monitoring and improving air quality

Surrey Heath Council News Feed - Fri, 01/27/2023 - 12:33
Date: Friday, 27 January, 2023

Surrey Health Borough Council’s Environmental Health team regularly monitor air quality across the borough, recording the number of pollutants in the air which may be hazardous to people and the ecosystem at high concentrations.  

Pollutants mainly come from human activities such as road traffic, building heating, industry and burning fuel. Some come from natural sources such as wind-blown dust and decomposing organic matter. 

There are various simple steps we can all take to improve air quality – including using the car less and cycle or walk for short trips. 

Poor air quality has been identified as the largest environmental threat to public health in the UK. Among the pollutants, particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) have been identified as key air pollutants as they are major components of urban air pollution. 

The M3 motorway is the Borough's biggest polluter. The motorway and congested feeder roads that run through residential areas such as Camberley, Bagshot, Lightwater and Windlesham are the most obvious sources of pollution with peak time congestion causing vehicle engines to run inefficiently. 

SHBC’s Environmental Health team monitor NO2 concentration from a network of 53 locations using diffusion tubes. The monitoring locations and monitoring data can be found in Surrey Heath’s Air Quality Annual Status Reports, available to download from our Air Quality webpage. In addition, Environmental Health team monitor the level of PM10 and NO2 / NO / NOx from an automated monitoring station off M3 in Camberley. Live monitoring data are available at here 

Monitoring data collated in 2021 indicated that NO2 and PM10 levels across the Borough met statutory air quality objectives at places of relevant exposure and show improvements on the last three years. If you would like to know more about our air quality monitoring work, please contact: 

Cllr Colin Dougan, Portfolio Holder for Environment and Health said;   

“The recent results from our recent monitoring data are very encouraging and positive for our borough, however air pollution still has an impact.  It is often the most vulnerable people such as children, older people and those with heart and respiratory conditions who feel the effects most.” 

We all have a part to play in improving air quality - here are some simple actions we can all consider to help improve air quality: 

  • Think about leaving the car at home - even for just one day per week, or consider car sharing 

  • Cycle to work or school 

  • Switch off your engine when you’re in stationary traffic or parked (and it’s safe to do so) 

  • Purchasing low-emission electric and/or hybrid vehicles, with government funding and grants available 

Image is of one of our Environmental Health Officer's changing one of the NO2 monitoring tubes 


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Surrey Heath Borough Council, Driving improvements in Camberley town centre in partnership with Surrey Police and Collectively Camberley

Surrey Heath Council News Feed - Fri, 01/27/2023 - 10:23
Date: Friday, 27 January, 2023

Camberley town centre is a safe place that benefits from a great variety of excellent restaurants pubs, leisure facilities, a theatre and a nightclub which draw people to the town in the evenings to enjoy a wonderful night out with family and friends.  

This is overwhelmingly positive as this supports these evening businesses and creates vibrancy.  However this evening activity can occasionally lead to incidents of antisocial behaviour which need to be addressed promptly.   

Following reports of anti-social behaviour (ASB) incidents in 2022 a dispersal order was put on the town by Surrey Police.  This took place over the Christmas period and ended in January after a significant improvement was seen – in January 2023 there has been a decrease of 19% of incidents compared to last year.  

Surrey Police Borough Commander for Surrey Heath, Inspector Matt Walton said;  

“Although we are very pleased that behaviour has improved in Camberley, the dispersal order will be reintroduced if required and I will be ensuring continued evening town centre patrols on Friday and Saturday to help maintain public safety.  

Please speak to venue staff if you have concerns if someone or something is making you feel unsafe.  Always call 999 in an emergency or if it is not an emergency then please use our online reporting system via our page or via a personal message to any of our social media pages.  You can also use the Street Safe app as this allows you to report anonymously if you aren’t able to report directly to the police who normally require your details.” 

Councillor Shaun Garrett, Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Economic Development and Transformation added; 

“Keeping Camberley a safe place for everyone during the day and evenings is obviously very important.   

The town centre is fortunate to be visited by people of all ages enjoying the great range of venues and entertainment and SHBC will continue to work in partnership with establishments, Surrey Police and Collectively Camberley to ensure we are doing all we can to ensure the town centre remains peaceful and welcoming. 

The recent improvements to the High Street, Knoll Road and Princess Way have brought much improved street lighting which has helped to reduce incidences of crime and violent in the evenings.” 

Collectively Camberley (Business Improvement District) have introduced various initiatives in Camberley venues to keep people safe. 

Jodie McAndrew, BID Manager said; 

“We will continue to work with the town centre night-time economy businesses and the local Policing team to ensure that these campaigns are fully supported and ongoing.  All partners are asking visitors be sure to look out for information when in any of the included venues and be sure to report any incidents or suspicious behaviour to venue staff and the Police.” 

  • StopTopps. StopTopps are versatile drink-protectors that have been designed to deter drink spikers. They are foil stickers that are suitable for any drinking vessel commonly found in pubs and clubs, including cans, bottles and glasses. Customers can request a StopTopp and easily place this over their drink to make them feel safer. 

  • Drink Testing Kits. Venues can hand these out to customers whenever someone believes that their drink may have been tampered with. They are simple to use and very effective to combat drink spiking. Customers test a droplet of their drink on the small test card and it will reveal whether the liquid is safe to drink or not. 

  • Keeping Camberley Safe Posters. These posters have been placed around the venue to ensure that customers are aware of what the business has in place to help support a safer experience. 

  • Ask For Angela scheme. This national scheme is designed to support anyone who feels unsafe, vulnerable or threatened when out, encouraging them to discreetly seek help by approaching a member of staff and asking them for ‘Angela’. Rolled out across venues in Camberley, this code-phrase should indicate to staff that the customer requires help with their situation and staff should then look to assist them. 

  • Radio Link Scheme - Camberley Together Against Crime. The radio scheme connects businesses to local security teams and CCTV operators as well as Surrey Police and PCSOs. The scheme allows local businesses to communicate across the town to prevent local crime and disruption and have proved a great success over the years. 

For more information please visit: 

Collectively Camberley – (link is external) 

StopTopps –  (link is external)

Drink Test Kits –  (link is external)

Ask for Angela – (link is external)

Drink Aware – (link is external)

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Supporting our community - Financial support awarded to key organisations

Surrey Heath Council News Feed - Fri, 01/27/2023 - 09:27
Date: Friday, 27 January, 2023

Decisions made at the most recent meeting of the Surrey Heath Borough Council Executive on 17 January 2023 included the award of grants to various organisations in the Borough.  

Revenue Grants 2023/24  

The Council’s Revenue Grants are open to organisations that provide vital services in the borough – this can be helping people in their daily lives, or contributing to the community through the arts, sport, or access to the natural environment. 

The Executive approved the award of the following grants from this year’s funding stream:  

  • Surrey Heath Citizens Advice – £80,000  

  • Basingstoke Canal Authority - £10,000  

  • Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership - £10,000  

  • Surrey Heath Age Concern - £10,000 

  • Camberley Central Job Club - £6,000 

  • The Hope Hub - £40,000 – in addition from 1 April 2023 the Hope Hub’s funding will be ring fenced for a three-year period 

  • Voluntary Support North Surrey - £20,000 

  • Voluntary Support North Surrey - Time to Talk - £10,000 

Cllr Sarah Jane Croke, Portfolio Holder for Housing, Safeguarding and Support said;   

“We are very pleased that despite increasing budget pressures, we have been able to support these organisations for the next year. Helping to improve the health and quality of life for all residents is an essential part of our Five-Year Strategy, and the recipients of these revenue grants all provide significant services and amenities to our local communities.”   

Find out more about the Revenue Grant Scheme at 

Council Contributions to Collectively Camberley Ltd - Outcome of Executive decision called-in and considered by the Performance & Finance Scrutiny Committee. 

The Business Improvement District (BID), Collectively Camberley, works closely with the Council and other partners to support the prosperity of the town centre and widen its appeal for customers. The BID is responsible for large town centre events such as the Collectively Camberley Car Show and the Collectively Camberley Christmas Light Switch On. 

Collectively Camberley has proposed additional events which they believe will assist in developing, improving and supporting the town centre by attracting different groups to support our retailers, hospitality and entertainment venues. The proposed events include a capital equipment cost. 


The capital grant of £5,000 to be awarded to Collectively Camberley Ltd. 

The decision to provide an extra grant up to £50,000 to Collectively Camberley for additional events will be subject to detailed business cases. Surrey Police and other relevant partner agencies in Camberley will also be consulted on the proposals before they are progressed. 

Following recommendation from the Performance and Finance Scrutiny funding for an event supporting the night time economy will not be progressed.  

Cllr Shaun Garrett, Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Economic Development and Transformation said:   

“Supporting businesses is a key priority for the Council. The town centre is home to many of our independent and big brand retailers and is a key destination point in the borough and for neighbouring areas.    

“A busy event and activity programme encourages more people to visit Camberley and grow the economy in the area. As these events are free to attend, they also provide our residents with a great day out.   In addition, many of our residents also work within companies within the BID area. Which means we are in turn supporting these residents by supporting the BID. 

“The work of Collectively Camberley organising town centre events and initiatives to increase footfall is key to maintaining the town’s popularity. We have asked for businesses cases for each of the additional proposed events to ensure they provide a good return on our investment and are safe and accessible for our residents.” 

Read more about decisions made at this meeting at  You can also watch a recording of the meeting on our YouTube channel 

The next Executive meeting will take place on 14 February 2023 at 6pm, and will be livestreamed on our YouTube channel. 


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Surrey Heath Borough Council – Driving Improvements on Frimley High Street

Surrey Heath Council News Feed - Wed, 01/18/2023 - 11:33
Date: Wednesday, 18 January, 2023

Following reports of a homeless person living rough on Frimley High Street in 2022, our officers made welfare visits along with the Hope Hub to offer support.  These offers were declined by the individual and they continued to live on Frimley High Street in two tents, one for accommodation and one to house the items of food and blankets left by the public. 

This person has not been seen on Frimley High Street since before Christmas but the tents and items have remained causing obstructions and flying debris in the High Street in bad weather. 

Our enforcement officers have cleared the tents and other items, and we are keeping everything stored safely if the person want to collect them. 

Councillor Sarah Jane Croke, Portfolio Holder for Housing, Safeguarding and Support said;  

“It is obviously a very difficult situation when someone does not want help and now they have moved on we hope they are in better accommodation. 

If you see someone sleeping rough in Surrey Heath please report to the Housing Solutions Team by emailing  UK-wide, you can report rough sleepers using Street Link” 

Homelessness support in Surrey Heath 

You can access information on how we support people who are at risk of homelessness or are homeless on our website   

SHBC also works closely with The Hope Hub Surrey Heath.  The Hope Hub can assist with housing support, empowerment, managing dept advice and well-being to people who have a connection to the borough.  Find out more on their website 

SHBC Driving Improvement across the borough   

SHBC’s 'Driving Improvement' campaign focuses on improving key aspects of life in Surrey Heath. The Council is engaging with local people and working with partners to tackle anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping across the Borough, and working to protect and enhance the environment, making Surrey Heath an even better place to live.     


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Local Community Improvement Fund 2023 - now open for submissions

Surrey Heath Council News Feed - Fri, 01/06/2023 - 10:09
Date: Friday, 6 January, 2023

Calling all local groups and organisations!  

Do you have a community project or improvement that needs a funding boost to make it happen?   

Apply for a Local Community Improvement Fund (LCIF) Grant before the deadline of 31 January 2023.  

It's easy to do online - for more information, criteria and the application form visit the LCIF page on our website  (link is external)

Ward councillors can also make bids to the LCIF. 

Applications will be reviewed, and decisions made by the SHBC Executive. 

Groups previously successful in being awarded funds from the LCIF include:   

  • Frimley Village Hall Charity (£18,600)   

  • Mytchett, Frimley Green & Deepcut Society (£3,600)  

  • Heatherside Ward Jubilee Benches (£3,600) 

  • Southcote Park play area refurbishment (£15,000)  

The grants are funded through Community Infrastructure Levy payments (payments made for development taking place in the Borough).   

You can read more about the Community Infrastructure Levy on our website  (link is external)

The bidding for LCIF funds for projects is designed for non-Parished areas in the Borough only. Parish Councils can be approached directly for support in relation to project funds, since they receive a proportion of Community Infrastructure Levy monies from building developments in their Parishes. 



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New parks cafe contract awarded

Surrey Heath Council News Feed - Thu, 01/05/2023 - 15:49
Date: Thursday, 5 January, 2023

Surrey Heath Borough Council has awarded JSS Catering Limited the contract for the cafes in Frimley Lodge and Lightwater Country Park.   

Chosen after a comprehensive tendering process, JSS Catering Ltd will take over the contract from previous supplier Churchill Catering from 1 February 2023.  

Both cafes will be offering a new and exciting menu, with all drinks sourced from free trade suppliers. 

Surrey Heath Portfolio Holder for Places and Strategy, Cllr Rebecca Jennings-Evans said: “We are pleased to welcome JSS Catering Ltd as a partner in Surrey Heath, and look forward to a positive relationship with them, as they provide residents and visitors with excellent refreshment options at our premier parks.”  

Coralie Crick of JSS Catering Ltd said: “We are so excited to take on these fantastic cafes in such beautiful locations.  

“We are planning great menus with lots of fresh food, healthy options and delicious snacks and lots of activities to encourage even greater use of these spaces.   

“We look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible in the near future.” 

Both cafes will close for a short period while a full refurbishment is carried out. Further information will be released once available.   

Find out more about Green Flag Award winning Frimley Lodge Park and Lightwater Country Park 

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Environmental improvements in Surrey Heath secured from Esso

Surrey Heath Council News Feed - Thu, 01/05/2023 - 11:31
Date: Thursday, 5 January, 2023

Esso have confirmed the projects that they will support as part of their Environmental Investment Programme linked to the Southampton to London Pipeline replacement project.  

The Environmental Investment Programme comprises a range of voluntary activities along the replacement pipeline route to fund and/or carry out works within designated sites and/or areas of social/community importance.   

These projects are in addition to any mitigation/reinstatement activities identified within Esso's Environmental Statement.  These include the removal of invasive species to improve the quality of woodland, enhancing habitats for wildlife, along with environmental protection works.  

It includes works at Frimley Fuel Allotments, Windlemere SANGs, St Catherine’s SANGs, and Turf Hill. Furthermore the project team have used timber from a felled tree to make benches to be installed at Turf Hill, the locations for which will be agreed in conjunction with the residents' association.  Details of the projects to be funded can be found below.

Surrey Heath Portfolio Holder for Leisure, Culture and Community Cllr Rebecca Jennings-Evans said: “The value of works secured for Surrey Heath is the highest of any borough that the pipeline runs through. It equates to £80,000 worth of environmental improvement projects within the borough.  

“While this does not outweigh the disturbance the installation of the pipeline has caused for local residents, I acknowledge the contribution from Esso in committing to funding the environmental improvements that these projects will deliver.” 

Esso’s Southampton to London Pipeline project is replacing 90km of the underground fuel pipeline between Boorley Green, Hampshire and the West London Terminal storage facility in Hounslow. The existing pipeline runs from west to east in Surrey Heath, entering the Borough in Frimley Green and exiting into Runnymede from Chobham Common.    

Works have been taking place since late 2021 and are due to be completed next year.  

Find out more on the Southampton to London Pipeline Project website  

Surrey Heath's Projects





Frimley Fuel Allotments

Flow reduction within 1km open watercourse through public access Fuel Allotments, to include installation of new recycled plastic flow restriction points that will allow the creation of new sections of wetland channel.


Additional wetland areas will provide suitable ground conditions for reed planting to provide wildlife habitat and help to remove potential contaminates from the connecting suburban surface water catchment.

Windlemere SANGS



Installation of bat boxes, signage, and benches.

Flow reduction within 350m open watercourse through public access land to provide series of new pond, wetland and surface water attenuation areas.

Existing open watercourse channel to have new recycled plastic flow controls structures installed and selective planting to improve water quality and reduce flood risk.

For environment, education and community benefit, as well as reducing flood risk.


Windlemere SANGS


Native Tree and Hedgerow planting scheme.

For education and community benefit.

Balmoral Drive

Improvements to balancing pond at Balmoral Drive to remove invasive planting and redress silt levels and new appropriate planting.


To enhance the water environment and associated habitat in interests of biodiversity and climate change.

Turf Hill - Herons Court Lake

Stabilisation of the existing lake outfall structure to include new sheet pile embankment and clay liner.



Reduced flood risk to approximately 50 residential properties downstream of Herons Court Lake and retention of sufficient water levels within the lake to maintain established wildlife.

Turf Hill

Targeted birch clearance within the heathland complex.

To enhance the environment and associated habitat.

Turf Hill

Replace old information boards and the notice board within the car park to include ecological information gained from surveys.

For education and community benefit.

Turf Hill

Installation of bird boxes, bat boxes Stag Beetle stumperies, log and brash piles and Lace Wing boxes in wooded areas on periphery of site.

To enhance the environment and associated habitat.

Turf Hill

Undertaking targeted eradication of Gaultheria and Bracken

For environment and community benefit.

Balmoral Drive / St Catherine’s Road SANG

Acidic grassland habitat throughout St Catherine’s Road SANG to provide habitats to reflect the surrounding geology.

To enhance the environment and associated habitat.

Balmoral Drive / St Catherine’s Road SANG

Installation of bird and bat boxes, log and brash piles, and loggaries.

To enhance the environment and associated habitat.

Balmoral Drive / St Catherine’s Road SANG

Contribution to signage to inform the public of the ecology within the Balmoral Drive Complex and St Catherine’s Road SANG


For education and community benefit.

Balmoral Drive / St Catherine’s Road SANG

Installation of three new benches.

For community benefit.





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Local Plan timetable update

Surrey Heath Council News Feed - Fri, 12/23/2022 - 12:22
Date: Friday, 23 December, 2022

Surrey Heath Borough Council created a draft Local Plan for the Borough outlining where housing development could take place, along with employment, commercial, recreation and green spaces. We consulted with residents and businesses on our draft local plan earlier this year and planned to publish the next version in January 2023.          

However, the Government recently announced proposed changes to the rules governing Local Plans that could give Councils much more flexibility in determining the number of new homes that are right for their borough.  

In order to take full advantage of these potentially significant changes the Council has decided to delay publication of the next version of the Local Plan. 

Portfolio Holder for Planning and Control, Councillor Adrian Page commented: “The Council is determined to deliver the best Local Plan for our residents. I’d like to thank all those residents and businesses who engaged with us and shared their comments and feedback. Every single comment has been reviewed and will inform the next version of the Local Plan”.

The Council will publish a new timetable as soon as it is agreed.

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Surrey Heath Borough Council – Driving Improvements and tackling anti-social behaviour in Camberley town centre

Surrey Heath Council News Feed - Thu, 12/22/2022 - 10:27
Date: Thursday, 22 December, 2022

On 20 December Cllr Shaun Garrett, Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Economic Development and Transformation, Cllr Colin Dougan, Portfolio Holder for Environment and Health and Ward Councillor for St Michaels, Surrey Heath Police Officers, SHBC Parking and Enforcement Officers and representatives from Just Eat, Deliveroo, Camberley Eats met to discuss parking and waiting arrangements for food delivery drivers in Camberley town centre.  This meeting was convened following feedback from residents that there had been issues with drivers parking illegally and also gathering in large groups.   

Following these reports SHBC enforcement officers and Surrey Heath Police Officers have been conducting patrols in the town centre and engaging with delivery drivers to improve parking and also discouraging large groups of drivers gathering.  Tickets have also been issued when illegal parking has been identified. 

The meeting discussed possible solutions that will enable the food delivery companies to operationally fulfil customer orders efficiently and also improve how the drivers park and wait for the orders.  Several options were put forward including a specific area for drivers to meet that has cover, toilet facilities and allocated parking areas for mopeds. 

Cllr Shaun Garrett said; “We are grateful to the food delivery companies for joining the meeting with us and the forthcoming productive discussion.   

Going forwards we have some options to consider to improve how delivery drivers wait and pick up food deliveries.  We know that many residents also enjoy having food delivered so we need to find a solution that works for everyone.  We will continue to work with the food delivery companies to improve how their drivers conduct themselves and park their vehicles in the town centre.” 

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Here for you this winter - Cost of Living Support and Surrey Heath’s Warm Hubs

Surrey Heath Council News Feed - Fri, 12/16/2022 - 10:49
Date: Friday, 16 December, 2022

Surrey Heath Borough Council and our partners are here for you and doing everything we can to help support our local community this winter. The support available includes grants, food vouchers, warm hubs and Cost of Living events. 

Councillor Sarah Jane Croke, Portfolio Holder for Housing, Safeguarding and Support, SHBC said:   

“As we count down to Christmas the weather has turned bitterly cold and we’ve even had some snow. This extreme cold weather puts pressure on us all to heat our homes and feed our families.  

“Last month, together with The Square shopping centre, we ran a Cost of Living event and provided second hand coats, free food and toiletries and information on how to access support to those who needed it. Over fifty people came to the event and I spoke to many of them and appreciate how hard it is for lots of households at the moment. We plan to hold another Cost of Living event in The Square on 23 February, more details will be shared soon on the Council’s website.   

“I want to make sure as many people as possible know about the various support programmes and grants in Surrey Heath available to help you if you are struggling, these are all listed on Surrey Heath’s website – we are here for you.  

“In addition, there are now many Warm Hubs established in the borough where people can spend time in a warm place, and many of these Hubs are also providing hot drinks, support and advice. Please visit them if you need a warm place to go.  

“Many thanks to everyone who is involved with setting up and running these hubs, they are critical in this cold weather. 

“Myself and all my fellow Councillors wish you a safe and happy Christmas .”  

Here For You  

For full details of Cost of Living support available please visit 

Emergency Food, Fuel and Energy Scheme Funding 

The following organisations have received funding to support their Warm Hubs in the borough as part of SHBC’s Emergency Food & Fuel/Energy Fund Grant Scheme - St Martins Church £1250, St Mary’s Church £1250, Frimley Green Methodist Church £935, Frimley Parish (St Peters & St Francis) £950, The Hope Hub £2,800 and High Cross Church £980. 

If you are setting up a Warm Hub you can apply for funding to help with energy costs on this link 

Surrey Heath’s Warm Hubs 

Warm Hubs have been established in the following places – please pop along if you need a warm place: 

  • St Martin’s Church 

231 Upper College Ride, Camberley, GU15 4HE 

- Wednesday Cafe: 10am to 11.30am 

- Saturday Cafe: 10am to 11am 

- Sunday Free Community Breakfast: 10am to 2pm 

Knoll Road, Camberley, GU15 3SY 

- Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 9.30am to 5.30pm. Tuesday: 9.30am to 7pm 

- Saturday: 9.30am to 5pm 

Rear of Camberley Library, 01276 581174 

- Tuesdays & Thursdays: 10-1pm : Refreshments, Lunch & Activities. Living Well Workshops 

Knoll Rd, Camberley GU15 3SY 

- Tuesdays 2.15-4.15pm 

Beech Rd, Frimley Green, Camberley GU16 6LQ 

- Monday: 1pm to 5pm 

- Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 10am to 1pm then 2pm to 5pm. Saturday: 9.30am to 4pm 

The Green, Frimley Green, Camberley, GU16 6HF 

- Monday: 10.30am to 2.15pm 

- Thursday: 1pm to 4pm 

  • Frimley Parish Church 

St Peter's Church Hall, Parsonage Way, Frimley, GU16 8HZ Monday from 12pm to 1.30pm 

  • St Peter's Church 

Frimley Green Rd, Frimley GU16 7AQ 01276 27855 

- Winter Warmer – every Monday from 12-1.30 

  • St Michael's Church 

286 London Road, Camberley, GU15 3JP 

- Wednesday from 10am to 1pm 

  • St Mary’s Church  

Park Road Camberley GU15 2SR  

Opening times: Term times only, Mon 9-11am for preschool families Wed, Thurs 9.30-11.30am for anyone. - Warm Space & Hot Drink. Please note this warm bank will not be open on 28/12/2022.  

  • The Brook Church 

The Square, Bagshot GU19 5AY 

- Warm Space - Thursdays 12.30-4pm 01276 479316 

  • Mytchett Community Centre 

Mytchett Rd GU16 6AA 

- Pay It Forward Café/Warm space - including free hot soup & drinks (donations welcome). Fortnightly Fridays (from the 9th Dec) at 11.30am-3pm 

A full list of the Warm Hubs in Surrey is available on Surrey County Council’s website 


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Local gym brightens Christmas for vulnerable families

Surrey Heath Council News Feed - Thu, 12/15/2022 - 16:19
Date: Thursday, 15 December, 2022

Some of Surrey Heath’s most vulnerable families will have their Christmas brightened by a hamper donation from a local gym.

Maximus Gym in Frimley has donated 20 hampers for distribution through Surrey Heath Borough Council’s Family Support team.

The 'Christmas in a box' hampers include food, drinks, Christmas day games, toys and toiletries, plus a food voucher for fresh produce.

The Council will ensure they are given to deserving families in the borough, who would otherwise have very little for Christmas this year.

Surrey Heath Portfolio Holder for Housing, Safeguarding and Support, Cllr Sarah Jane Croke said: ‘We are so grateful for the wonderful Christmas hampers that Maximus Gym and its members have donated this year.

“These will all be gifted to some of the most vulnerable families in Surrey Heath, who would have otherwise gone without this Christmas. It's an amazing symbol of the community spirit we have in our Borough and makes me very proud.”

A spokesperson for Maximus Gym said: “Maximus Gym are passionate about supporting the local community and bringing everyone together.

“We've put together Christmas hampers for several years now, and this year, even though times are tough for many people, members of the gym have gone above and beyond to support the most vulnerable families in the area by donating towards these hampers. Merry Christmas!"

For more information about the work of SHBC’s Family Support team, visit the Family Support page.

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Camberley’s ‘Lost Girl’ mural appears

Surrey Heath Council News Feed - Wed, 12/07/2022 - 09:34
Date: Wednesday, 7 December, 2022

Camberley has been fortunate to receive a visit from mysterious street artist Hendog on 1 December. 

The resulting artwork is an image of a young girl posting a picture of her missing bear. 

The piece, which can be found on Princess Way in Camberley town centre, is part of a series of chapters by the artist highlighting the issue of homelessness. The other chapters have been placed in Winchester and Guildford. You can view these and other examples of Hendog’s art on their Instagram page @Hendog_art. 

Cllr Sarah Jane Croke, Portfolio Holder for Housing, Safeguarding & Support, SHBC said:  

“This is a poignant and beautiful piece of art, and our thanks to Hendog for choosing Camberley to place this work. Homelessness is an important issue to raise awareness of, especially at this time of the year when the weather is getting colder.   

“Please contact the Housing Solutions Team if you are aware of anyone sleeping rough in the Surrey Heath area - email 

“You can also report people believed to be rough sleeping at the Street Link (link is external) website which then sends details to the Local Authority or outreach service where the person has been seen.” 

Homeless Support in Surrey Heath 

If you are experiencing issues due to homelessness, please visit our Homelessness webpage (link is external). You can also call our contact centre on 01276 707100 to get advice or to make an appointment to speak to one of our advisors at Surrey Heath House. 

SHBC also works in partnership with The Hope Hub (link is external), a charity working to prevent and end homelessness in Surrey Heath.  The Hope Hub opened an Emergency Accommodation Service in Camberley in January 2022, offering short-term accommodation for people who have a connection to Surrey Heath, needing emergency housing.  

 Additional Cost of Living Support can be found on our website (link is external).

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Lighting a path to Christmas

Surrey Heath Council News Feed - Mon, 12/05/2022 - 10:58
Date: Monday, 5 December, 2022

Christmas must be on its way - we are excited to see the Christmas tree outside Surrey Heath House looking really festive and sparkly. 

This year we are thrilled that our tree has been kindly sponsored by Places Leisure Camberley who operate our fantastic Leisure Centre and our greenspace contractor Glendale, who work with us to maintain our many award-winning parks and open spaces. Their sponsorship gives us more opportunity to support families in need across the borough.

Our thanks go to these two local companies for meeting all the costs of the tree, which has added a welcome festive touch to Knoll Road, complementing the Christmas lights funded by BID paying businesses to 'Love Camberley' in the town and the Christmas lights going up across the borough over the coming days. 

There are many wonderful festive events taking place across Surrey Heath in the run-up to Christmas - find out what’s happening near you on our website at (link is external).

- You can find out more about the excellent leisure facilities and memberships at Places Leisure Camberley on their website  (Link is external)
- Glendale is currently recruiting for landscape gardeners in Surrey Heath – more information about these opportunities is available at  (Link is external)


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Free Christmas tree recycling scheme returns for 2023

Surrey Heath Council News Feed - Wed, 11/30/2022 - 12:25
Date: Thursday, 1 December, 2022

Surrey Heath Borough Council's popular free Christmas tree recycling scheme is back this festive season. 

A record number of more than 3,000 Christmas trees were collected for recycling in Surrey Heath in January 2022, helping to make our Greenspace team leader Steve smile from ear to ear!   

The face of our real Christmas tree recycling scheme is hoping for an even bigger number of trees to be collected this time around – so bring your trees to one of our 15 recycling points from 5-15 January and help #MakeSteveSmile!   

Once collected, the trees will be chipped, with the woodchips used to top up paths in our beautiful parks and green spaces.   

Surrey Heath Portfolio Holder for Leisure, Culture & Community Cllr Rebecca Jennings-Evans said: “We're so pleased to be able to offer this popular free scheme again this year.   

“Its environmental focus supports our climate change priorities, and the woodchips are recycled for use in our parks and greenspaces, so we all benefit." 

The sites where Christmas trees can be dropped off are:   

  • Heatherside Park (near the recreation ground), GU15 1AY  
  • Watchetts Road Car Park, GU15 2UZ 
  • Old Dean Recreation Ground, GU15 4AF  
  • Prior Heath Car Park, GU15 1DA  
  • Frimley Green Recreation Ground, GU16 6JZ  
  • Mytchett Recreation Ground, GU16 6JD   
  • School Lane, Bagshot, GU19 5BP 
  • Lightwater Recreation Ground, GU18 5SJ   
  • Windmill Field, Windlesham, GU20 6QA  
  • Clews Lane open space, Angelica Road, Bisley, GU24 9HD  
  • Rosewood Way, West End, GU24 9XG 
  • Yorktown Car Park, Camberley, GU15 3AU 
  • Clarence Drive, Camberley, GU15 1JT  
  • Woodend Road Car Park, Deepcut, GU16 6SD  
  • Chobham Car Park, Chobham, GU24 8LZ  

Restrictions apply: Only real Christmas trees can be accepted, all decorations and lights must be removed from the trees prior to drop off.   

Christmas trees can also be chopped up and placed in garden waste bins by subscribers to the Garden Waste scheme, or dropped off at Community Recycling Centres

Read more about our free Christmas tree recycling scheme


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Bagshot restaurant conducts comprehensive review of food hygiene procedures following SHBC Environmental Health investigation of salmonella food poisoning cases

Surrey Heath Council News Feed - Mon, 11/28/2022 - 13:23
Date: Monday, 28 November, 2022

Following a number of reports to Surrey Heath Borough Council (SHBC) of people becoming unwell with salmonella food poisoning after eating at Mogul restaurant in Bagshot, our Environmental Health Officers served a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice on the premises. This required the business to remain closed until SHBC confirmed that the health risk no longer existed.  

A thorough investigation by Council officers took place in conjunction with the UK Health Security Agency, including analysis of food samples and surface swabs taken from the kitchen. 

Evidence of the health risk conditions at the premises at the time the formal Notice was served, was presented to Guildford Magistrates on 23 November 2022, who confirmed the action taken by SHBC and issued a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order.  

The premises has been permitted to reopen following disposal of all food, a deep clean and disinfection of the kitchen, retraining of staff in food hygiene and a review of all safe food handling controls.  

Regular spot checks of the premises will be carried out by Environmental Health Officers to ensure the improved conditions at the premises are being maintained. 

Cllr Colin Dougan, Portfolio Holder for Environment and Health, SHBC said;  

“The work of SHBC’s Environmental Health Officers is very important to ensure that commercial premises sell food and drink that is safe. In this particular instance our officers took swift action to protect the public from any further cases of food borne illness.    

Thankfully cases like this in the borough are rare, but this is because businesses work hard to maintain high standards of hygiene and cleanliness and also because of the support, advice and regular inspections received from Environmental Health.” 

SHBC’s Environmental Health Officers play an important role in monitoring food hygiene standards in Surrey Heath and taking appropriate action to reduce the risk to the public from food borne infections. They carry out over 500 visits a year to food premises in the Borough and are responsible for rating businesses for food safety.  

To check the food hygiene rating for where you eat out or buy your food visit (link is external). Please be aware current rating awarded for The Mogul restaurant does not feature on this website as there is a four week appeal period before publishing.   

Find out more about Environmental Health and food safety on our website (link is external).

SHBC Driving Improvement across the borough 
SHBC’s 'Driving Improvement' campaign focuses on improving key aspects of life in Surrey Heath. The Council is engaging with local people and working with partners to tackle anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping across the Borough, and working to protect and enhance the environment, making Surrey Heath an even better place to live.  
- Antisocial Behaviour (ASB) -For more information on dealing with ASB visit the Noise, nuisance and pollution pages of the SHBC website (  (link is external)
- Protecting and enhancing the environment. You can read more about our Climate Change and sustainability work on our website ( (link is external)



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New playground design announced for Bentley Copse, Heatherside

Surrey Heath Council News Feed - Mon, 11/28/2022 - 11:46
Date: Monday, 28 November, 2022

The winning design for the new playground at Bentley Copse, Heatherside has been chosen.   

After a public vote on a shortlist of five potential designs, the winner was the Wicksteed design.   

The fantastic new play area will feature a multi-play unit, a rock and bowl roundabout, a viking swing unit with different swing types, play panels, a springer see-saw and new safety surfacing.   

Two new benches will also be installed as part of the project.  

Work on the new playground is due to start in the new year.  

Surrey Heath Portfolio Holder for Leisure, Culture and Community, Cllr Rebecca Jennings-Evans said: "I'm pleased that local people have had the chance to choose the design they would like for the new playground. It looks like the new play area will be a lot of fun and I look forward to the work being completed so local children can enjoy using this improved facility."  

This new playground has been funded through the Community Infrastructure Levy scheme.  

Visit our playgrounds page

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Surrey Heath celebrates Homes for Ukraine scheme success

Surrey Heath Council News Feed - Fri, 11/25/2022 - 10:59
Date: Friday, 25 November, 2022

Nine months since the start of the Homes for Ukraine scheme, the people of Surrey Heath have generously welcomed 174 Ukrainian refugees to the Borough.

But more sponsors are still needed –and SHBC is now pleased to be able to offer sponsors an extra £250 per month on top of the existing £350 thank you payment. This additional payment is being financed from central government funding received by Surrey County Council for the Ukraine scheme.

Since March, the Council’s Homes for Ukraine Team has supported dozens of sponsors and refugees with the matching process, and helped to secure more than 40 places for young people in various education settings.

From our Ukrainian guests, 23 refugees have secured permanent work, while many others are working towards achieving UK certification of existing qualifications.

The service has also assisted 14 Ukrainian households to move into homes of their own.

With the support of funding from central government, the Council has been working hard to support people fleeing the war in Ukraine, providing comprehensive, person-centred support to both the Ukrainian families seeking refuge in our borough, and the many kind sponsors opening their homes to strangers in need of a safe place to live.

If you are interested in supporting the scheme by hosting a Ukrainian guest, it’s not too late! The scheme is still in need of sponsors to welcome Ukrainian guests into their homes.

The Council supports sponsors and guests with a dedicated family support co-ordinator, who continues to work with those involved throughout their sponsorship arrangement as the guests settle into life in the UK. The wide range of support offered includes carrying out safeguarding duties, helping Ukrainian parents to secure school places for their children, running social hubs where sponsors and guests can meet others in the same circumstances, holding conversational English classes, and helping guests to secure work and move into more permanent private accommodation.

In the wider community, our Homes for Ukraine team liaises with a range of organisations to deliver enhanced support that meets our families’ needs. This includes local Job Centre staff to support guests’ job searches, local churches, community groups, charities and volunteers.

Current plans for upcoming events also include a fun, festive Christmas party for sponsors and guests to enjoy, with a visit from Santa himself!

Surrey Heath Portfolio Holder for Housing, Safeguarding and Support Cllr Sarah-Jane Croke said: “We’re proud of our work so far to support our Ukrainian guests in Surrey Heath, and I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has been involved, from sponsors to community groups and everyone in between!

“Our Ukrainian guests have been welcomed into our homes and our hearts, and our team at the Council have done, and continue to do, an amazing job in supporting them into work and education, helping them to settle in and learn English.  

“Our sponsors are well-supported too -if you are thinking of becoming a sponsor, I would urge you to register your interest and take the next step towards offering a home to someone fleeing this terrible war. Our increased ‘thank you payments’ of £600 per month to sponsors recognise the extra pressure the cost of living increases may be causing.  

“We obviously hope that in the longer term our Ukrainian guests will be able to return to the homeland they miss so much, but until then we are proud to welcome them to our generous Surrey Heath community.”

To find out more about the Homes for Ukraine scheme and how you could help, email or call 01276 707100 and ask for the Homes for Ukraine scheme team.

Please see our dedicated page for more info. 

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Fixed penalty notice issued after a fly tip in Bisley

Surrey Heath Council News Feed - Fri, 11/25/2022 - 10:42
Date: Friday, 25 November, 2022

The Surrey Heath Borough Council Corporate Enforcement team has issued a fixed penalty notice of £400 following discovery of a fly tip.

During recent patrols of known hotspots for fly tipping, officers inspected the contents of six bags of mixed household waste which had been dumped illegally. The contents of the bags included an address in the Borough, which officers subsequently visited.

During an interview, under caution, the resident explained they had paid a contractor to remove the waste without checking their waste carrier license.  

All householders have a duty of care under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to check the license of any waste carriers they use. More information can be found on our fly-tipping page.

Don’t get caught out! The Council can issue fines of up to £400 for fly tipping.

The Council is driving improvements for residents and addressing fly tipping in the Borough with a number of initiatives.

  • We’re partnering with Surrey Police and conducting spot checks for waste carrier licenses
  • We’re clearing historical fly tips and encouraging local residents and businesses to report any evidence or information they have which could lead to a prosecution
  • We’re working with our partners in Joint Waste Solutions to clear fly tips quickly, but fully investigate all evidence
  • We’re piloting mobile cameras at specific locations across the Borough to enable us to gather sufficient evidence to prosecute the perpetrators and deter fly tippers from illegally dumping waste

Councillor Colin Dougan, Surrey Heath Portfolio Holder for Environment and Health said:

“It’s good to see the hard work of the Council in this area is beginning to pay off. Whilst we don’t want to fine people, especially during these financially challenging times, fly tipping is illegal and has a detrimental effect on our local environment.

“Everyone has a duty of care when using a waste carrier to dispose of rubbish, and we will continue to investigate fly tips to catch those responsible.

“Our aim is to reduce the impact of fly tips on local residents and our environment,to ensure our public spaces are clean and safe for all to enjoy.

“Many thanks to the residents for continuing to report any fly tipping activity-we can’t act without evidence so we need to work together with our community to help drive forward improvements.”

You can report fly-tipping via the SHBC website

SHBC Driving Improvement across the borough

SHBC’s 'Driving Improvement' campaign focuses on improving key aspects of life in Surrey Heath. The Council is engaging with local people and working with partners to tackle anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping across the Borough, and working to protect and enhance the environment, making Surrey Heath an even better place to live. 

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